Andrey Fursov. Biography.

Fursov Andrey Ilyich was born in 1951.

Graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies, the Moscow State University (1973).

Director of the Institute of system-strategic studies.

Director of the Centre of Russian studies, the Moscow University for the Humanities.

Supervisor of the “Fursov’s School of Analysis», the Moscow University for the Humanities.

Head of the department of Asia and Africa, the Institute of scientific information for social sciences, the Russian academy of sciences.

Editor-in-chief of the «Oriental and African Studies» journal.

Associate professor, the Institute of Asian and African Studies, the Moscow State University; reads lecture courses: «Theory and history of social systems», «Modern world system», «History of western Orientalism till late XIX century» (jointly with K.A. Fursov), «History of western Orientalism in the XX – early XXI century» (jointly with K.A. Fursov).

Active member, the International Academy of Science (Innsbruck, Austria).

As a result of the Internet voting of the scientific community in 2000–2004 and 2005 he was included in the lists of the «100 leading Russian thinkers in social sciences and the humanities» (2005 and 2006 respectively).

Winner of a number of prestigious literary and socio-political prizes for social and political essays.

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia

Member of the Russian Intellectual Club.

Author of 400 scientific publications, including 9 monographs.

Gave lectures at the universities of the USA (Columbia; Yale; SUNY, Binghamton; Dickinson College), Canada, Germany, Hungary, India.

Participant of a number of international projects in social sciences.

The themes of research: methodology of socio-historical research, world struggle for power, information and resources, Russian history, comparative research East – West – Russia, capitalism as a system.