Alexander Dyukov. Biography.

Alexander Dyukov was born in 1978.

Russian historian and publicist, General Director of the Moscow-based Historical Memory Foundation, chief editor of «Journal of Russian and East European historical studies» (Rus: «Журнал российских и восточноевропейских исторических исследований»)

In 2004 graduated from History and Archives Institute of the Russian State University for the Humanities (Rus: Историко-архивный институт РГГУ). Graduation paper was titled «The formation and development of the Soviet Partisan movement command system in 1941-1943».

In 2004-2007 worked in the Information agency ARMS-TASS . Held the position of issuing editor for magazine «Military and technical cooperation» (Rus:«Военно-техническое сотрудничество»). Later advanced to the position of Information agency chief editor.

Since fall 2008 - General Director of the Historical Memory Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to support historical researches of current importance.

Since summer 2010 - chief editor of «Journal of Russian and East European historical studies».

Author and editor-compiler of many historical books and over 150 scientific and publicistic articles in the field of Russian history in the XXth century.

Scientific interests include: history of Soviet Partisan movement; history of Nazi occupation; actions of anti-Soviet armed formations; Soviet repressions in Baltic republics and Western Ukraine; politicization of history.

Works of A. Dyukov are translated into many languages including English, German, Hungarian, Polish; his works were reviewed and cited by the Russian, European and American scientific journals and scientists.

One of the scientific collections edited by A. Dyukov was published by «Cambridge Scholars Publishing».

Major books:

The Genocide Myth. Soviet repressions in Estonia (1940—1953) / 2007

The secondary enemy: OUN, UIA and the solution of the "Jewish question" 2010.

Mercy for the fallen: Soviet repressions against Nazi collaborators in the Baltic republics. 2009.

Who was in command of Soviet Partisans. Organized chaos. 2012

What Soviet people fought for. 2007

«Russian must die!» What the Red Army saved us from. 2011.

«THE SOVIET STORY» – The tissue of lies.

Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. 2009.

Operation «Winter Magic». Nazi policy of extermination and Latvian collaborationism. 2011.